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Suzuki's Future Product Plans (Part 6: The MPVs)

Future MPVs from Suzuki includes a new APV, a Toyota Innova rival codenamed RX, and a 3 Row version of the Wagon R. These Suzuki MPVs are developed for emerging markets, particularly India and Indonesia, where it has a relatively strong presence.
Suzuki Ertiga

2015 - Wagon R 3 Row

At last year's Indonesian International Motor Show (IIMS), Suzuki displayed a stretched version of the Wagon R, dubbed Wagon R 3 Row Concept. The car is based upon the idea of creating a 7 seater 3 row MPV that will fit in the Indonesian government's "Low Cost Green Car" program. Suzuki then developed the MPV from their LCGC, the Wagon R.
The Wagon R 3 Row Concept
The car displayed at the 2014 IIMS is not the final version, as Suzuki Japan is now still working on the MPV. Development of the car is focused on bringing decent amount of space for each of the passengers while still complementing the Indonesian government's LCGC regulations, including turning radius of no more than 4.2meters and fuel consumption of no more than 20km/l.
Design of the car is not yet final as Suzuki Japan is currently still working on it
The MPV will be launched sometime in 2015 after their new Indonesian plant is completed, and will compete with Datsun's recently launched Go+ Panca in the Indonesian car market.

It is not yet known whether the 3 row Wagon R will be sold in other markets as well, or be sold exclusively for the Indonesian market.

2015/2016 - Next Generation APV

PT. Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS), Suzuki's Indonesian arm, have confirmed that they are currently working on the next generation APV, including the passenger carrier version, which will be launched after the completion of their new plant in 2015.

Internal sources revealed that the new APV will have a longer front end, and a sliding door on it's sides. Suzuki has confirmed that the new passenger carrier version of the APV will not be pushed up-market and remain positioned in the low-MPV segment as an alternative to the Ertiga. While the Ertiga is positioned more as a passenger car, the APV is positioned as a semi-commercial alternative, focusing more on space and carrying capacity.
Passenger car version of the current APV
Power will come from small capacity engines, possibly a version of Suzuki's K-Series petrol engine. It is not yet known whether the engine will remain positioned under the front seats or moved to the front bonnet.

SIS hopes to launch new APV for the Indonesian market sometime in 2015, or 2016. Exports to other countries would follow soon after the local launch.

2016/2017 - RX MPV

In late 2013, an internal Maruti Suzuki document revealing the development of a new product was leaked. The document revealed the development of a new 8-seater MPV around the same size as a Toyota Innova. Codenamed RX, the car will be launched around the second half of 2016 or early 2017.

The document also revealed the appointment of CV Raman,  executive officer (engineering) of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., as the chief engineer for the new MPV. “Mr Raman will hold the additional responsibility of chief engineer of the new model RX,” the note, signed by Maruti’s chief operating officer (human resources and administration) S.Y. Siddiqui, read.

The RX will be powered by higher-capacity engines, including a diesel, currently being developed by Suzuki Motor Corp. in Japan.

Although Maruti Suzuki officials have refused to comment on future product plans, three component suppliers to Maruti and an industry executive have confirmed that the RX is a multi-utility vehicle in development.

However, they said that Maruti has yet to discuss the specifics of the model with suppliers. “RX is still some time away and a lot of details are still at discussion stage. The company is tight-lipped about it,” said one of the vendors familiar with the company’s plans.

We can expect the RX to be sold not only in India, but also in other markets where mid-sized MPVs like the Toyota Innova get high sales volume, such as Indonesia and other South East Asian countries.

Well, that is all we currently know about Suzuki's future product plans. We will keep you updated on this topic as more details are known about Suzuki's future models.

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